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22 November 2005 @ 07:53 pm
i am so bored right now. its almost 8 and i just want to be at the ramp with my friends and drinking. today i had two interviews for jobs. i still work at le peep but i pretty much put in my 2 weeks notice today. i really hope i get to work full time at the chocolate place i applied at. its right by my house and it pays 7/hr. this is gonna be weird cause i kinda already got hired at brookstone at the mall but i dunno. ok im going to update later cause i guess im going out right now but i have no idea where.
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17 November 2005 @ 02:24 pm
night before last was so awesome. at first i thought meeting up with the habitat guys would be weird cause i didn't go skating with them that day. after going to the ramp though it was awesome. me, kerry, guru, and brennan played darts. i jumped in like half way through and almost won! yay for me. haha. anyways i got so completely drunk and threw up on the way home, listening to trailer trash btw. and kerry was really nice to me...but...yea.
then yesterday i was thinking ok the vibe is gonna be rad w/e it was ok. i dunno i think its just me being weird cause i was so used to alex and the bueno guys being fucking awesome. also danny was upset with me yesterday so that sucked. kyle met up with us at i10 so that made things better. then we went to this red bar and we had just listened to green day-time of your life so i was finally in a better mood. then im a fucking idiot and answer the phone when a certain person calls (who btw hasn't really talked to me once in like 3 months) just because im with the habitat guys. why i left it on my away msg i do not know. anyways so that really fucking pissed me off. i mean seriously what fucking nerve to call me to meet up with us. ahhh so annoying.
i can't wait to move. now tho my dad wants me to go to south africa with him so i have to save up for that too! i don't even have a job really right now i dunno where im gonna get all this money.
last night at the ramp was really fun. as always.
me and danny are cool now, he vented to me last night at 3 in the morning.
i hope matt is ok.
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15 November 2005 @ 08:28 am
i just can't get over it. i had one of the best weeks of my life last week. im so happy right now. i decided what im going to do to get where i want to be in life and it doesn't concern anyone but me and i love it. i met some of the coolest people i've ever met last week...like alex. he is basically where i want to be right now and he did it with out even finishing highschool. i know that i can do it too. whenever he says stuff its just like exactly how i think. its so cool. its such a great feeling to know that even though its gonna be hard work im going to make it and im going to do it my way and no one elses. ahh im so happy.
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07 November 2005 @ 01:57 pm
ah im so fucking annoyed. i need to listen to my stepmom more often. yesterday i had such a long conversation with her about my future and my mom and life and shit. she said don't throw your pearls amongst swine. its something her dad used to always tell her like don't tell people your great ideas and plans for the future when you know they aren't going to support you and be happy for you. thats basically how my mom is. i realized she doesn't really believe that i can do whatever i want to in life and be successful at it. she keeps saying get your degree go to school but i don't really need it for what i want to do. she just thinks im going to end up like worse than her if i don't have one. its so stupid cause both my stepmom and my dad haven't finished and gotten their degree but they are happier than my mom is. what does that teach me?
also there's so much more i could do with the money since i have to pay for school. it would be better used on like workshops and travelling and equipment. my dad got in town today so i was talking to him about it and he's being surprisingly supportive. i also just told my friend how im thinking about not going and he reacted like my mom saying i need something to fall back on blah blah. i have a feeling im going to get a lot of that. i just know that if i want to do something im going to do it. i need to keep people with a negative attitude about it out of my life. people don't get it though if you are in and industry like skateboarding for 10 yrs why would you need a degree to fall back on? you don't. theres so much you can do in skateboarding and no one knows that. i know i want to be around skateboarding and travel and film. im not going to follow anyone elses life plan to accomplish what i want to do.
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it turns out this weekend wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. two nights skating and getting drunk at the ramp equals a pretty good weekend to me. that place is by far my favorite place to be in san antonio. oh i confessed my undying love for gnarbros...all of them pretty much. im definitly going to miss them when i move, which can't be said about too many people here.
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04 November 2005 @ 01:57 pm
i spend entirely too much time on the computer. i wish i had ddr mario mix at my house so i could play that all the time. im just waiting to go pick up my stepbrother...my life is so interesting. i did talk to my skatepark of tampa friend rob about paying me to film tampa am today. hopefully that works out. i love free stuff but it doesn't pay for a place to sleep. ah i want to go skate today!
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03 November 2005 @ 04:53 pm
i had an old lj and i never kept up with it...prolly cause it was really ugly. so thanks j for fixing this one up for me. :)
i really want to go to make a wish this weekend. sucks. i would settle for just filming at all. its been a while since i've had a good filming day here.
why do people care so much about the dumbest things sometimes, but when some things actually matter they couldn't give a shit? i just want to tell certain people its been 2 months, get over it.
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